Set Reading Saturday: A Legendary Set

Today's set has four different legendary units. We'll be playing from the perspective of player 2 - how would you approach this set? Set reading gets much more difficult the more high-impact units you introduce. If the only high impact unit is a single, good absorber, than you can build your strategy around the absorber... Continue Reading →

Alternate Drones

    Alternate drones are very difficult units to use if you aren't familiar with them. They introduce a bunch of new possible openings, and you often want to be using them even on turn 1, meaning that it pays to know how to use them properly. There are far too many possible openings with... Continue Reading →

Set Reading Saturday: Lucina Timing

We'll be looking at this set from the perspective of player 1: The first two units to consider are Energy Matrix and Lucina Spinos. Energy Matrix means that you'll have an easier time defending and you'll want to go for a bigger economy - this makes Lucina Spinos a stronger option, since Energy Matrix protects... Continue Reading →

Breachproof part 2: Types of Breachproof

There are a lot of different types of breachproof strategies. In part 1, I talked about some general principles that breachproof strategies have in common: that they don't defend, that they're usually used reactively rather than as a plan from the get-go, and that in order to beat a standard style of play they need... Continue Reading →

Set Reading Saturday: Here Be Dragons

We'll be looking at this set from the perspective of player 2. There's a lot going on in this set. For absorb, there's Doomed Wall. Typically you'd expect a medium or medium-high economy (aka, somewhere between 14 to 20 Drones) with Doomed Wall as your absorber, depending on how aggressive the rest of the set... Continue Reading →

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