Set Reading Saturday: Here Be Dragons

We'll be looking at this set from the perspective of player 2. There's a lot going on in this set. For absorb, there's Doomed Wall. Typically you'd expect a medium or medium-high economy (aka, somewhere between 14 to 20 Drones) with Doomed Wall as your absorber, depending on how aggressive the rest of the set... Continue Reading →

Set Reading Saturday

This is an idea I have for a series where I show a random set of units and then talk about how I'd approach the set, explaining my thought process as best I can. If people like it I can do one every Saturday. Since set reading involves drawing on many different strategic concepts, I... Continue Reading →

Short Term vs Long Term

One of the more interesting types of decision you have to make in Prismata is whether to invest in the long term or the short term. Compare Tarsier and Grimbotch: Tarsier is a long term investment, since it takes a while to build and sticks around for the rest of the game. Grimbotch is a... Continue Reading →

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