Absorber Rankings

It's time to learn more about the different absorbers in the game. In The Standard Style I recommended that you go for the biggest absorber in the set - the idea being, absorb is broken, so you want to get as much absorb as possible. This is a good starting point for beginners, but here... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Set Reading

We looked at small-picture stuff in Common Openings: exactly what units to buy, in what order. So now it's time to look at big-picture stuff: reading the random set and coming up with a strategy. The random set is the defining feature of Prismata - it forces players to come up with new strategies at... Continue Reading →

Common Openings

Prismata isn't a game where you can use the same opening every time; the random set changes things up too much from match to match. That said, you need to start somewhere, with some good go-to builds that you can lean on. In this post I'm going to go over the most common openings used... Continue Reading →

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