What’s in a Breach?

In my guide "The Standard Style" I didn't talk much about breaches except to tell you that getting breached is bad and you shouldn't let it happen. But, how bad is it, exactly? Understanding what goes on in a breach is important for playing breachproof strategies, and also for playing with or against chill. So,... Continue Reading →

The Standard Style

This guide will teach you the standard style of play - a style of play that is simple enough for a beginner to be able to learn, while still being grounded in real high level Prismata strategy. It consists of six principles. Each principle on its own will make your play stronger, and taken together,... Continue Reading →

Kicking off the Blog

Prismata's going to release soon! As you probably know, the game's been in closed alpha for a long time, and so there's a small circle of players who have been playing it competitively for a long time. Because of this, there's a lot of knowledge about how to play the game well that isn't formally... Continue Reading →

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