Kicking off the Blog

Prismata’s going to release soon! As you probably know, the game’s been in closed alpha for a long time, and so there’s a small circle of players who have been playing it competitively for a long time. Because of this, there’s a lot of knowledge about how to play the game well that isn’t formally outlined anywhere, making it difficult for new players to break into the competitive scene. I’d like to change that. Ideally, I think that all of the “common knowledge” that good players have should be written down somewhere in a place where interested people can find it.
I’ve already made some attempts at making educational material, but the main problem I run into is that it’s easy to spend a ton of time on any one guide or video. Since there’s a lot of different guides I’d like to make, I figured a blog would be a good format to cover a lot of ground quickly.


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